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Understanding the meaning of marital relationship quality among couples in peri-urban Ethiopia

Authors: Neetu A. John, Assefa Seme, Meselech Assegid Roro, Amy O. Tsui
Publication Year: 2016

 This study explores the meaning of marital relationship quality (MRQ) among couples in peri-urban Ethiopia. We examined the factor structure of MRQ by assessing the reliability and validity of four validated Western scales capturing domains of trust, commitment, satisfaction and communication through exploratory factor analysis. Although most of the items of the original Western scales were relevant for the study population, the domains did not mirror the original Western scales and varied by gender. Interestingly, while the domains of commitment and trust followed the Western scales and were very similar across gender, the third domain, which we labelled conflict differed by gender. For women, items from the constructive communication scale seemed relevant, indicating an interest in resolving conflicts, whereas for men, items from the satisfaction scale appeared more important, indicating a desire to avoid or reduce conflict in their relationships. Our study highlights the usefulness of adapting existing validated scales in a new context after assessing their psychometric properties. Such applications provide opportunities for broadening understanding of fundamental MRQ domains that may universally be shared cross-culturally.

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