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Demographic Futures, Population, and Environment

Understanding the complex interactions between population, health, and the environment

Demographic Futures, Population, and Environment

Navigating Population Dynamics: Linking Environment, Gender Equity, and Economic Growth

Navigating Population Dynamics: We understand the vital linkages between population, the environment, and demographic futures – projections of population change with implications spanning climate change, consumption, and aging.

Addressing Intersectional Challenges: In tandem, we address the intersections of gender equity, health equity, and climate change through innovative initiatives such as the Demographic Dividend (DD). The Demographic Dividend harnesses the economic boost resulting from shifts in population age structure due to reduced fertility rates.

Championing Sustainable Progress: Armed with a comprehensive comprehension of the intricate interplay between population, health, and the environment, we champion the demographic dividend framework as a catalyst for hastening economic growth and enhancing family planning outcomes in pivotal nations.

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Unlocking Africa's Potential: Transformative Progress in Demographic Dividend Integration

🌍 Harnessing Progress: From Research to Action Explore how national DD roadmaps are propelling Africa forward by integrating high-impact policies and programs.

📊 Measuring Success: The Power of DDEI Uncover the robust assessment tool empowering researchers, policymakers, and advocates to evaluate local efforts in key sectors.

🚀 Nurturing Growth: Six Sectors, One Goal Learn how Family Planning, Maternal & Child Health, Education, Women Empowerment, Labor Market, and Governance & Economic Institutions are shaping the demographic dividend landscape.

📚 Sharing Insights: Fostering Innovation Discover platforms documenting best practices and lessons learned, fostering dialogue and driving innovation across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Join the movement to harness Africa’s demographic dividend for a brighter future.

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Demographic Dividend

Demographic Dividend

Featured Institute Experts

Carolina Ivonne Cardona Cabrera, PhD

Carolina Ivonne Cardona Cabrera, PhD


Dr. Cardona is a health economist focused on understanding demographic processes and their effect on economic development. She is particularly interested in the influence of women’s sexual and reproductive health decisions on women’s roles in society and how they shape demographic transitions. To date, her work has investigated these areas in the context of developing countries from sub-Saharan Africa and in the U.S. context. Dr. Cardona has also devoted much research to understanding how demographic transitions in sub-Saharan Africa can spark economic growth. She has co-developed a tool to track the efforts placed by governments in setting a favorable policy environment that could allow countries to harness a demographic dividend. In this capacity, she is the technical coordinator of the Demographic Dividend Initiative at the William H. Gates Sr. Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at JHSPH.

Research Interests

Health economics; economic demography; population dynamics; population and health; women’s empowerment; women’s health; sexual and reproductive health; family planning

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Watch Now: Demographic Dividend Webinar on Population Age Structure Changes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Watch Now: Demographic Dividend Webinar on Population Age Structure Changes in Sub-Saharan Africa

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