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Case Study: Addressing Contraceptive Stock-outs Caused by Procurement Delays in Tanzania

Publication Year: 2014

In August 2013, the Government of Tanzania approved a major change in how it purchases contraceptives in an effort to ensure a consistent flow of supplies reach those who need them. The change was prompted by a recommendation from the National Contraceptive Security Committee—a collaborative technical group led by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare—to switch to a framework contract system to expedite ordering and improve availability of certain contraceptives. This case study describes how the Advance Family Planning initiative, along with government officials and family planning service providers, worked through the contraceptive committee to make the change, which went into effect in September 2013.

Link to File: https://bmgi.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/files_live/Tanzania2_AFP%202014_EN.pdf