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The Demographic Stretch of the Arc of Life: Social and Cultural Changes That Follow the Demographic Transition

Publication Year: 2015

In this publication, PMA2020 Director Dr. Scott Radloff,¬†PMA2020 Research Assistant Sally Dunst¬†and others write about the “demographic stretch” of the “arc of life.” ¬†

The demographic transition from high to low levels of mortality and fertility brings about changes that stretch the “arc of life,”¬† making each stage of life longer and creating new ones‚Äî a phenomenon we call “the demographic stretch.”¬† This stretch can transform societal structure,¬†for example, by extending childhood, shifting working ages up, delaying marriage and childbearing, improving women’s¬†status and equity, and pushing the burden of chronic disease and disability to older ages. Global health efforts must address the resultant economic and social changes.

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