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Sustaining the Family Planning Movement in the DRC with the Comité Technique Multisectoriel Permanent (CTMP)

Publication Year: 2019

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) faces formidable challenges as it aims to increase modern contraceptive prevalence to 19% by 2020, as stipulated in its National Strategic Plan for Family Planning (2014-2020). The country is the size of Western Europe with a population of 93.0 million dispersed across 26 provinces. Fertility rates are high and modern contraceptive use remains low. Against this backdrop, the Comité Technique Multisectoriel Permanent (CTMP, or Technical Multisectoral Permanent Committee), has emerged as a promising mechanism to address key challenges to family planning programming in the DRC.

Read about how Advance Family Planning partner Tulane University is using CTMPs to sustain the family planning movement and achieve government commitments to Family Planning 2020, incorporating the AFP SMART advocacy approach along the way.



Link to File: https://bmgi.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/files_live/CTMP%20documentation--final%20version.pdf