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Siaya, Kenya (2015) ImpactNow Brief

Publication Year: 2015



In 2014, the County Government of Siaya launched the Family Planning Strategic Plan 2014–2018 and committed to improving access to equitable, high-quality, and efficient family planning (FP) services. Acknowledging the need to increase uptake of long-acting methods in the county, the policy aspires to raise the modern contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) by 10 percent annually. Meeting this goal would require an increase in the modern CPR from 51 percent to 67.9 percent by 2018.

Family planning affords women and their families the choice to plan the number of children they desire, as well as the timing and spacing of each pregnancy. When pregnancies are numerous or spaced closely together, there are increased risks to the mother and child. By investing in family planning, the county can save the lives of mothers and children and promote economic development.

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