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PMA2020 Methodological Report No.3

Publication Year: 2017

This report- PMA2020 Methodological Report No.3: Women’s Reporting of Current Use of Contraceptive Methods in a Population with High Sterilization Rates: Lessons Learned from PMA2020 Rajasthan 2016- is the third in a series of Methodological Reports that aims to explain and contextualize PMA2020 methodologies.  PMA2020 carried out a verification exercise to address the issue of under-reporting of women’s current contraceptive use in the first round of the survey conducted in Rajasthan, India. The exercise was aimed at assessing and assuring data quality from the first-round survey to help identify measures to prevent and minimize under-reporting in the future survey rounds. This report presents the process of verification carried out in Rajasthan and a modification made in the questionnaire in the second round of data collection to address concerns raised in the verification exercise.

Link to File: https://bmgi.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/files_live/TechnicalNoteValidation_PMA2020-Rajasthan-2017August-Final.pdf