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Increasing Access to Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health Services in Tanzania: Recommendations to Higher Learning Institutions

Authors: Elspeth Williams
Publication Year:

Elspeth Williams, Department of Population, Family & Reproductive Health Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health is a public health priority. Alongside benefiting youth directly, increased investment in these services contributes to broader development goals. In Tanzania, many youth lack access to adequate sexual and reproductive health information and services. Many higher learning institutions in the country lack awareness and resources to invest in and facilitate youth friendly health services. As a result, there are high rates of unplanned pregnancies, abortions, and complications—including deaths—arising from unsafe abortion among female students. Prioritizing the health and enhancing the health education of higher learning institution students will work to better equip Tanzania’s next generation of leaders to plan their educations, families, and futures. This paper examines evidence and incorporates stakeholder consultations to recommend ways in which HLIs could incorporate into their schools’ efforts in order to bolster the availability and accessibility of SRH youth-friendly services.​

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