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AFP Advocacy Portfolio: Capture Results

Publication Year: 2015

It is usually difficult to show that advocacy directly influences impact. However, investing in the outcomes known to influence impact allows for a credible association with the result. AFP’s Results Cascade provides a systematic process to document, monitor, refine, and demonstrate the results of a family planning advocacy strategy. It provides a pathway to answer the question, “To what end?”

This component of the AFP Advocacy Portfolio provides step-by-step guidance to develop a Results Cascade and identify data sources to validate results. It also provides guidance on writing a case study to distill those results into a story that others can understand and replicate. You can use the appended worksheets to complete your own cascade.

Link to File: https://bmgi.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/files_live/4%20Capture%20Results_Nov%202015.pdf