Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Bayer Scholars Program for the Summer Institute in Data to Policy

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Enhance your ability to use data to shape, advocate for, and evaluate policies that affect families, reproductive health, and the health of populations.

June 5-16, 2023
Deadline to apply: February 28, 2023


The Data to Policy in Population, Family and Reproductive Health Summer Institute is designed to equip students with skills needed to understand population-based data and shape policies related to families, reproductive health, and the health of populations.

The Institute is structured around the public health cycle of assessing health and health determinants, developing policy to respond to identified health needs, and assuring that implemented policies achieve their purpose through evaluation. All courses focus on using data to drive decisions and actions at each point in this public health cycle. Institute participants can select training in approaches that range from statistical analysis of population health indicators to community organizing and participatory program evaluation. Courses are one to two credits and offered in short, compact formats suited for non-degree seeking students.


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The Summer Institute offers:

  • Condensed course formats from two days to two weeks;
  • Industry-leading, interactive online courses;
  • Bloomberg School faculty instruction.

By taking Institute courses, you will develop skills to:

Assess health and health determinants using data and scientific research

Develop and advocate for evidence-based policies to respond to population health needs

Evaluate and discuss policy impact to assure implemented policies and programs achieve their purpose


Bayer Scholars will receive a tuition scholarship to take two to three courses in the Summer Institute. The Bayer Scholars Program requires scholars take at least one of the courses marked with an asterisk above, which are offered by faculty associated with the Gates Institute and will be held at times that do not to conflict.

Bayer scholars will participate in courses virtually, through live video conferencing with faculty and students (synchronous sessions) and/or pre-recorded lectures (asynchronous sessions). Participation in live course sessions is required for most courses. See the list of courses above for meeting dates and times.

The Summer Institute in Data to Policy in Population, Family and Reproductive Health will be held June 5th to 16th, 2023.

Those interested in applying should do so as soon as possible by clicking the button below. For more information on the Bayer Scholars Program for the Summer Institute, please contact sally.safi@jhu.edu.


Deadline to apply: 28 February 2023

Bayer Scholars must apply for the program through the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health using the button above. DO NOT register for Summer Institute courses through the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health website if you would like to apply for tuition coverage through the Bayer Scholars Program.

In order to participate in courses, which are fully online, please check the computing requirements for courses.