The Way Forward

Drawing on the rich experience and the trajectory of the SRHR field more broadly, the Gates Institute has refreshed our vision, mission, and values, which will serve as our north star for the next five years and beyond.

We cultivate new ways of thinking and doing to amplify locally led change. Together with local partners, we identify and act on ideas with the greatest promise to advance universal, equitable access to SRHR.

The Institute features a dynamic, innovative working environment, with opportunities to work with leaders in research and advocacy, both established and emerging; to contribute at a high level to the organization’s forward progress; and to contribute to sustainable, positive change for women and men, communities, and countries.

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Gates Institute Strategy Framework

The Gates Institute’s strategy is framed by three Strategic Priorities that guide what we do, and three Organizational Commitments that inform how we do it, in support of our mission. All of our work – whether it is research, advocacy, or programming – influence all six areas.

The manner in which we do our work is equally as important as what we do to achieve the outcomes and long-term impact we envision. We have shaped three Organizational Commitments to underscore our Strategic Priorities over the next five years.

Strategic Priorities

Facilitate knowledge generation, exchange, and use

The Gates Institute conducts and facilitates cutting-edge research and performance monitoring.

Drive Evidence-Informed Action

We collaborate with partners to bridge the gap between new knowledge and evidence-based policy, programs, practice.

Cultivate Leadership and Learning

We nurture SRHR leaders – next generation researchers and advocates, and seasoned professionals alike – by augmenting their knowledge and skills to influence sustainable change.

Organizational Commitments

Catalyze Country-Owned, Locally Led Solutions

Gates Institute works with local partners to develop and scale innovative solutions that are identified, driven, and owned by country stakeholders and have sustainable impact

Foster Equitable Partnerships

With local partners in the lead, our partner-centered approach drives sustainable outcomes and solutions

Maximize Collective Impact

A nexus of science, advocacy, and programmatic work, the Gates Institute strategically leverages evidence and key learnings across this continuum to amplify our impact